Simple Web Design Classes for NJ Residents

Web Design Classes In New Jersey!

Local Business Website Classes

What you will learn:

How to build a simple WordPress website in a way that will help to grow your business.

If you don't have a business, that is totally fine. We can build a website that can be used as a case study to later build a webdesign company.

You will learn all about servers, security, CDN's, WordPress, Astra, and Elementor, Title tags, templates, Image optimization, plug-ins, and web site speed.

Blog Website Classes

What you will learn:

When it comes to building a blog preperation is the most important thing.

You will learn how to check if your blog will make you money and how to make it generate money, orginize your content ideas, write content or have content written for you, what theme you should be using, how to optimize images, and much more.

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